DT2 –

Manual tablet
disintegration tester
with two stations.

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The DT2 is a very easy-to-use and flexible disintegration tester with reliable temperature control. Record and report disintegration times individually per sample or as a completed set. Two stations that can be controlled, started, and stopped individually allow to perform 2 tests independently.

  • Two independent testing stations with automated lift-in/out functions and programming
  • Manual recording of individual disintegration times per tablet or of a complete set
  • Automatically lowers the baskets at test start and raises the baskets at test end
  • Precise temperature control with integrated flow-through heating system
  • Print test reports with disintegration times, statistics, and temperature protocol


Disintegration times can be recorded and reported using DT2 in various test settings.

Test modes.

The DT2 allows to record and report disintegration times in different test modes. End-points can be protocolled individually per sample – or alternatively the operator simply checks whether all samples have disintegrated within the specified run time. If baskets are lifted out during a test for visual checking, the “test hold time” is automatically recorded.

a manual tablet disintegration tester with two stations.

Temperature control.

An integrated heating system with dual-sensor ensures precise temperature control of the test medium. A built-in sensor continuously monitors the circulating water temperature and an additional external probe can be mounted on the basket to monitor the medium temperature during the test. Operators conveniently print a report at the end of each test documenting disintegration time(s) and test conditions.